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Government Forms:

Complete forms are required for timely and accurate delivery of goods. ST&L provides the forms you need. You may complete these online, or print and submit by email or fax. Please remember that forms requiring signatures must be faxed or mailed to ST&L. Do you need help with what you need to complete? Contact us at Info@securetransportation.ca.


Shipping to and from Canada - Canada Customs

Canada Customs Invoice.pdf - Required for all shipments and acts as your customs declaration for Canada Customs. Requires detailed description of all goods in the shipment, their values and an indication of whether goods will return to you or remain in Canada.

Shipping to and from U.S.A.

NAFTA Certificate of Origin.pdf (Free Trade Certificate) - used by US shippers when the goods will remain in Canada. Completion of this form will reduce or eliminate the duty charged if the shipment is made from the US and will remain in Canada. Must be presented with other documents when goods are shipped.


(US) Certificate of Registration.pdf (Form 4455) - used by US shippers when the goods are not of US origin or manufacture and will be returning to the USA after the event. Required by US customs upon re-entry to the US. This form is also required to document any goods that are subject to US import quotas. This document must be completed and filed with US customs prior to departure from the USA.


FCC 740.pdf - Required by US Federal Communications Commission for all goods capable of emitting a radio frequency that may cause harmful interference, for all such goods made outside the USA. Complete for each model or device shipped.


FDA Form 2877.pdf - Required by US Food and Drug Administration and US Customs Service for all equipment being shipped which emits or is capable of emitting radiation.


Clothing and Carpet Textile Declaration.pdf - Required by US for all textile and carpet returning to the USA. Goods produced in certain countries may require permits and goods from some countries may be refused entry into the USA. Check with our staff to determine the status of your textile and carpet goods for entry into the USA.


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Bill Of Lading

Bill Of Lading.pdf - For your convienence we have provided a link to access an online "Bill of lading" for you to fill out, print, and save to file.