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Company Overview:

ST&L is a Canadian owned transportation company established in 1994 to serve the needs of clients who are plagued by service problems and charged exorbitant rates with large common and LTL carriers. With more than 20 years experience in the transportation industry, we have learned that service, dependability and trust are the most important factors in maintaining the success of our company.

ST&L works hand in hand to service its clients throughout North America, by offering cost effective and secure service standards that are top priorities in today’s varied, economic environments.

At ST&L, we know about "on time" shipping. A large portion of our business involves "zero inventory" production. Shipments must arrive according to production schedules with no exceptions. When it has to be there, you can depend on us.

At ST&L, we don't have to "source trucks". We use only selected carriers with proven track records. We know their lanes, schedules and freight requirements. We can efficiently match your freight to the carrier that provides the service you require.

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Why Choose ST&L?


Are you tired of transportation companies telling you that they are, "Logistical Managers" with, "many areas of expertise"? Do they really help or do they just offer excuses?

Moving your freight from Point "A" to Point "B" is not as complicated as some would have you believe.

Secure Transportation & Logistics inc. will make your situation easier. We have the experience to efficiently handle your transportation requirements.

The team at ST&L is professional, all with at least twenty years of experience in domestic and international freight. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, which is reached through competitive pricing and the hands on service that your business requires and deserves.

Secure Transportation & Logistics Inc. offers our clients a total range of transportation services in and out of North America to anywhere in the world as well as from wordwide returning. From LTL shipments to full loads on vans, flatbeds, curtain sides or over dimensional equipment, plus warehousing and distribution services, we can put your shipping worries to rest.

Let ST&L put you on the road to the most efficient, cost effective, transportation services in the industry!